The Living Dungeon gets update and a 50% off sale on Xbox One

The Living Dungeon

After a large update, Indie developer RadiationBurn’s  “The Living Dungeon” now has full Xbox Live multiplayer support. Friends can now play the fantasy board game on Xbox One from opposite sides of the world. To celebrate this update and encourage more people to take up battling their friends in this board manipulating adventure, the game will be half price from the 14th to the 20th of March on Xbox One Deals with Gold. For fans of fantasy board games such as Hero Quest who like to support small indie developers, this could be a great little bargain.

The Game was first released last year to mostly positive reviews, but as with many indie titles, it has been the companies interest in listening to it’s customers and updating the game to give them what they want that has made the game stand out with mostly solid eights and nines. The most requested feature was online multiplayer and that is now a part of the game, but Radiationburn still have plans to add further updates that the fans should really love.

About the Game.
The Living dungeon has been described as “a unique dungeon board game with death around every corner, and also exactly where you are are standing right now”. Players must use their chosen skills to outmanoeuvre their opponents in a dice and tactics game where the ability to manipulate the dungeon is as important as being able to swing a sword. Players choose their skills and are granted dice with related actions. Whether the game is about killing other players or simply escaping first, each player must roll those dice and figure out how best to use their actions before time runs out.

+ 9 players
+Local and online multiplayer across 4 different game modes, individually or as teams.
+Unique gameplay where players have 2 minutes to figure out how to use 5 actions decided by their skill set and a dice roll.
+Duel art style. Players may choose a dark rusty metal dungeon, or a friendly board game style environment in a nice warm tavern.

Source: GamePress

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