The Station Review

A Rescue Mission In Space Gone Wrong…

The Espial Space Station has had an incident and all communications with the Space Station have ceased, step forward and investigate what has happened and why the communications have stopped. Logs of crew members Aiden Vyse, Silas Haze and Mila Lexa are scattered throughout as you read logs, emails and texts to identify what exactly happened.


Firstly before you get carried away let us just state that this game contains no guns! Well, none that can be used anyways. Controls are what you would expect from a typical FPS but the mouse is the most important part of this game as you can left click to pick up an item and then right click whilst moving the mouse around to orbit the item, a pretty intuitive way to examine items. Most of the items can be picked up. Using the mouse you also read logs and listen to audio logs, as well as turn power on and off.

The mouse sensitivity to begin with did seem a bit too slow for our liking but this can be resolved via the settings. The menu screen is projected onto the screen with a simple hit of the TAB key, the menu floats in front of the character and remains in sight while moving around.

You will be tasked with solving a number of puzzles to proceed through the Space Station and whilst these are not the most difficult of puzzles, they do offer a sense of reward if solved without having to resort to a guide.

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Graphic and Sound

The sound and atmosphere is what you would expect from a game set in space, vacant whooshing, beeps and bops and the odd moment of dramatic music as something intense happens, nothing out of the ordinary but a solid job nontheless to add to the atmosphere. There is an eerie vibe to the space station and the random explosions from time to time do add to the moment.

Graphics are where this game stands out, the lighting and shades of items really do look impressive and the station in general is well polished and thoroughly detailed with props and decals

Replay Value

Unfortunately once you have completed the game there is very little else to do right now, although there are said to be added content through the months. The game took 2 and a half hours to complete, this also involves a save that was an hour deep and crashed with no save. Upon restarting and knowing what to do I soon managed to get back to where I was within 10 minutes. A speed run of this game could likely be done in 30 minutes. If however you are a completionist  and want to unlock all the achievements then the potential for 2-3 play through’s exists. This aside there is currently very little reason to replay, however the play through is fun.


As mentioned the game is not the longest game you will ever play it is definitely worthwhile if you enjoy narrative driven games. There is a clear romantic awkwardness between Silas and Mila and reading through logs and listening to audio logs you do get to form an impression of each character

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Space Is A Dangerous But Interesting Place
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Sound - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 7/10


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