Top 3 Ovens in Gaming

Yes, you did read that right… the team at Up Down Left Right look into the Top 3 ovens in gaming

We’ve narrowed down our results to just 3 ovens now, we’ll start with No.3 and work our way down to No.1

No. 3 – Fallout 4

This vintage model really is a blast from the past, accompanied by 4 gas operated hobs (gas not supplied) and an oven big enough to cook any Radroach until crispy and brown. This oven is a must have for any of those exploring the waste land and in need of a good working oven.

No. 2 – GTA V

This built in 4 hob oven is great for anyone looking to buy a trailer park home. Previous owner Trevor did leave the place in a hurry but he did have the following to say about the oven “This oven is fucking great! Lost count how many soups I’ve mastered on this!”; Thank you Trevor for your input. Ideal for anyone looking to travel the San Andreas area.

No.1 Dying Light

Would you look at how modern this oven is!? Include a digital timer so you can keep track how long your zombie head has been roasted and includes oven hobs which are great to boil zombie fingers to help ease the loss of your old boss called Dave (who is now being prepared for a tomorrows meal). The oven itself has two shelves and includes plenty of space. The Bombel is definitely the oven to own during the zombie apocalypse

Do you agree with our top 3 ovens in gaming? Send us some of your own from games. Also we’d look to do another top 3, 5 or 10 feature on perhaps toilets, doors, sofas and etc. Send us your ideas and we’ll look to write up an article based around your photos.

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