What If The Next Fallout Was Located In London

Fallout London

After many hours of exploring the Boston and New Vegas wastelands I’m left wondering if Fallout could take place somewhere else? Sure Fallout is based in America but what IF the next Fallout was called Fallout: London!?

The game would no doubt be aesthetically different as the current games have a 1930’s-50’s diner feel in America. Jump across the pond however and imagine exploring the London wasteland on the Tower Bridge with burned out London Cabs, Buses and Red Phone Boxes and a ravaged Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and an old Wembley Stadium.

Is Fallout In London Really Suitable?

The notion is not completely crazy as there are mentions of the United Kingdom in various Fallout games, including Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and there are British characters included in the games. Alistair Tenpenny is said to have travelled from the UK to the Capital Wasteland, on Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout Desmond Lockheart was a high ranking agent working for the British Government, it’s possible these and many more people travelled from the UK… or perhaps they were cryogenically frozen, who knows…

We’re picturing walking out of a vault that is located on a bank of the River Thames to a grey, dull and sludgy river bed with a crooked and broken Big Ben in the background… the time being stuck on the precise moment the bombs dropped (perhaps include a side quest to restore time…). Similar to Fallout 3 I suppose but the player is to explore the London wasteland for some purpose (whatever story reason says so) and could discover ruins of what used to be London… oh and perhaps bump into the Queen and after saving settlement after settlement (Preston style) you could sit down and enjoy a nice wasteland cup of tea.

Who Would Buy It?


We’re 99% certain that this would never happen but we asked our Facebook group about the idea and here’s some of thoughts our members had, along with some dialogue that could be included…

Now that sounds like a epic game. Crossing a half destroyed tower Bridge littered with London cabs and double deckers.

British themed weapons for the wasteland. Replaced BB Gun with a Spudgun for a start, Cricket Bat, Pike, Sten Gun, Broadsword, Super weapons could consist of some kind of man portable BOFOR gun, a Maxim gun.

Instead of Stimpaks use fish and chips

Instead of Nuka Cola, Cups of Tea

Also include such dialogues as:

“Darling, don’t feed the peasants; they will follow us
“I do like cricket”

“This exceeding trifling witling, considering ranting criticizing concerning adopting fitting wording being exhibiting transcending learning, was displaying, notwithstanding ridiculing, surpassing boasting swelling reasoning, respecting correcting erring writing, and touching detecting deceiving arguing during debating.”

Excuse me, pardon me, sorry, I do beg your pardon, but if you wouldn’t mind awfully could I invite you to kindly consider buggering off!

However a few people were against the idea, their reasons are fairly valid to be honest, would it be a Fallout game set outside of America? Fallout gets its charm from it’s use of characters and locations in America

See I disagree there! I think that Fallout is a fantastic game because it’s main features for the wasteland resemble 1920-50’s sort of music and café styles etc and I feel like if they were to remake an apocalyptic London it would lose a lot of that nostalgic oldy feeling

I don’t think it would work as it would lose the feeling and sometimes British accents in games just don’t sound right

London Humour

gentlemanThe sense of humour in London would be quite different to those in Boston, imagine a strong cockney accent cracking off witty comments in a settlement, especially if the karma system is reintroduced. If you’re karma level is bad then we can just imagine people sneering at you with comments such as “bloody wanker”, “look at the muppet”… on the flipside if your karma is good people could instead be saying things such as “top bloke that fella”, “alright geeza”. Very stereotypical of London sayings and culture but it would add quite a bit of London humour to the game.

Amongst these characters could be a number of NPC’s with very traditional English names, think of names like Burt, Harold, Raymond and so on… we could also have some proper English gentlemen types, the English mob, Skinheads and Mods (although later in British culture)

Let’s Make This Happen

As previously mentioned we’re 99% sure this will never happen but why not share this story to your friends or even tweet the idea at Bethesda so that they may stumble across this article… one would hope they find themselves nodding and then run straight to the storyboard.

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