What will the future bring?

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We live in a strange world, the world in which the idea becomes more and more important than the machinery or the human resources needed to fulfil that idea. And same goes for the Game Dev, we see that more and more of the games financed by Kickstarter, game engines and graphics programs are cheaper and more available than ever before.

In my opinion, we are going towards a new way of making games all over, massive corps like Activision or EA are becoming a bit obsolete already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if their input into the games industry would be reduced more and more as time moves on and more people get interested in “basement games dev”.

What’s more is that my guess is that with the dawn of VR for home use, more people will want to make games than ever before, the old oxymoron “Building new worlds” when it comes to Game dev will get a more realistic meaning,- from what I have seen VR allows a real chance to build new worlds.








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