Why Call of Duty Needs To Return To Its Roots

Perhaps it’s just us and the people we know, but unfortunately we’ve not encountered one person who has had something good to say about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare so far, this is coming from some of us who actually enjoyed Black Ops 3

As some of you may know the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta was playable over the weekend and this gave a lot of players the opportunity to try out the latest instalment of the popular franchise.

The long term goal for Activision we’re sure is to evolve and keep the gameplay fresh with latest trends in gameplay, they have done so with the last three release (Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare) but by doing so they have also alienated a large fanbase who enjoyed the earlier instalments of the game. There is of course a large section of the fanbase who love the new gameplay style so it is difficult for Activision to please everyone but with the last three being futuristic jetpack gameplay we think it might now be time to return to the ground.

When you think of the most successful Call of Duty games of all time you think of Modern Warfare 1 & 2Black Ops, World At War… what do these all have in common? They are all played on your feet and not a futuristic jetpack. In 10 years time I struggle to imagine people will be saying how awesome was Advanced Warfare?


A return to Vietnam would be refreshing

Modern Warfare (as the name suggests) has been covered quite recently for Call of Duty so we don’t necessarily have to go to modern day, take a page out of Battlefield 1’s book and see how successful the World War 1 setting is. We’re not saying we want Call of Duty to copy Battlefield and go back to World War 1 but there are other options such as Vietnam (in Black Ops) or a return to World War 2, if Activision are thinking even further outside of the box they can go even further back in time (we’re not overly convinced by that idea ourselves though).

The user base has definitely changed over the years, we’re finding that the more mature audiences are migrating over to regular and serious Battlefield players, even some of the younger generations are now going over to Battlefield, now might be as good of a time as any to bring Call of Duty back to its glory days and capture its audience again


Futuristic soldiers? Hmm

What did you make of the Call of Duty beta? Will you be buying it? What setting should we see next? Do the jetpacks needs to be ditched? Let us know in the comments below.

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