Worst Sports Game Award goes to….

Is this possibly the WORST SPORTS GAME?

Could the worst Sports game award really go to the sport of the moment (Rugby World Cup) Rugby 15?


It’s complicated control system, oodles of bugs, broken rules, lack of licensing and very average graphics really hit a nerve with the reviewers.

Games Radar – 1/5

“Rugby 15 isn’t just a disappointment; it’s significantly worse than its forebears. The simple stuff is over-complicated, and the basic tenets of Rugby Union are wrong. A nightmare vision of sporting”


IGN – 2/10

“Rugby 15 has more bugs than Starship Troopers and is messier than school-yard mugby.”

Operation Sports.com – 3.5/10

“Even if you’re a diehard rugby fan, this is one to avoid.”

Pure Xbox – 2/10

“Rugby 15 is an absolute shambles of a game. It gives the initial perception of just being a very challenging affair when you first play, so you’ll get half an hour to an hour out of it before you realise that isn’t the case and that it’s the game that’s terrible and not that you’re terrible at the game. It had plenty of promise, but when examined closely, nearly every aspect of Rugby 15 is bug-ridden and heavily flawed or at the very best, massively unpolished. If you’re a rugby fan and you see this in the store, kick it into touch and run the other way. Or just teleport. Like rugby players apparently can.”

This picture just about makes the graphics look okay

This picture just about makes the graphics look okay

Multiplayer.it – 3/10 (translated review below)

Do not mince words, if you were hoping for a rugby game worthy of the sport, you’d better get right soul in peace. Rugby 15 is not only ugly to look at, but is dotted with bugs and problems of all kinds, making it unplayable at times as well as unintentionally hilarious, between acceleration cartoonish and comical translations in Italian. Appointment there are also systematic crash, and considering the full price, which accompany it, our advice is to stay away. Sorry to fail in this way the work of many people, but the technological level and play the latest effort by HB Studios is just too poor. It is likely that some fans, driven by the lack of alternatives, they can also have fun with very little good that the game has to offer, but these values ​​are not objectively production that deserves a sport so fascinating and followed, albeit complex to be translated into a video game.

& Finally…..

It’s only real saving grace in terms of a half decent score came from…

Steam 5/10

The score which earned them this score was based on an average score from 70 users who had taken the time to review the game themselves throught the Steam network

Let’s hope we don’t have to put up with any other disasters like this game in the future. You can do better than this HB Studios, come on!!

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  1. Steve B says:

    Oh dear, looks and sounds dreadful!

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