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Finding new information for Zelda: Wii U is as tough as getting all the Triforce Shards in Wind Waker. But has Eiji Aonuma (Game Designer) given us all a huge hint for what to expect? 


Eiji Aonuma (Game Designer)

Every Zelda game follows a traditional story-arc. You begin life as the likeable yet untrained and inexperienced Link. Throughout the game Link develops into a true hero: usually saving Zelda from the clutches of evil. Arguably every Zelda game since Ocarina of Time has taken influence from this masterpiece. As a Zelda fan we have certain expectations for the franchise, but has Eiji Aonuma subtly informed us to expect something different?

“The change in flavour will be like going from Japanese food to Western style food, and players will likely be surprised.” This is a direct quote from the Game Developer, taken from a recent interview.

So what does this phrase actually imply about Zelda: Wii U? It seems as vague and unclear as one of Tingle’s speeches. However one subject certainly stands out: we can expect a more Western style of gameplay…

Witcher 3 was a multi-award winning game that set the bar for what gamers expect their Action-based RPGs to be. A levelling If Hyrule is as alive as Novigrad then we should be very excitedsystem that was easy to use and really aided your progress in the game. A sense of exploration like never before: you can spend hours traversing each location and always find something new and interesting. And the main story, while simple, was added to by hundreds of side-quests and well rounded characters. Each side-quest introduced a new range of dynamic and interesting characters, while telling a fascinating/heart-wrenching tale that at times can be more poignant than the main quest. Is Eiji Aonuma hinting that we can expect these traits in the new Zelda game?

The Game Developer’s comments have been met with both excitement and nervousness. Zelda has formed a dedicated and passionate fanbase (arguably more than any other game series) and we’ve come to know and love the classic formula. As stated previously, Zelda has always followed a similar story-arc, and recently they’ve used OOT as the template to aspire to.

However if Witcher 3 now provides the bar for Western style Action RPGs, then we can expect some big changes to the formula. Change will always create trepidation, but it should not be something to be feared.

is known for its loveable and rememberable cast. From the villagers of Kakariko Village to Ghirahim in Skyward Sword, it really feels as if each character has their own unique story. If Zelda: Wii U is to borrow from Witcher 3 then we could be able to appreciate and understand their stories like never before.

So what does this change in “flavour” potentially mean for Zelda fans? We’re all used to wandering through Hyrule’s Market Town and observing some of the greatest memory-making characters of all time. Well now we could potentially be more than just an observer: we could be part of the world, part of each character’s story, part of what makes Zelda, Zelda.

Are you excited about the comments from Eiji Aonuma? What are your expectations for Zelda: Wii U? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? Comment below and have your say!



Written by Stan Cohen

Huge Zelda fan and owner of a lot of Zelda memorabilia

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